5 steps to ageless naturally glowing skin

With moving time, generations engaged themselves so much into tight schedules that in this ocean of life, they do not even have a drop of time for their personal health. A famous quote goes ‘Health is Wealth’ but we are so busy in earning materialistic wealth that we forgot or say overlooked the true wealth, Health. With this fast moving life need is to keep an eye over health. This brings us to a Bhastrika pranayam.

Bhastrika Pranayam is one of the most popular forms of pranayams. Bhastrika is a Sanskrit word, which means ‘bellows’. As the breathing pattern so followed, resembles blowing of bellows. With the help of this pranayam one can get maximum amount of oxygen regulated throughout the body.


1-      Sit relaxed with crossed legs (Padmasan) and your hands over knees.

2-      Breathe in by inhaling forcefully through nostrils. Do take care that while gasping in abdomen should not blow up. The air so accumulated should blow the chest only.

3-      After a small hold, breathe out with force as to make a hissing sound.

4-      The force has to be applied keeping in mind health and endurance power.

5-      Repeat the exercise 5-10 times a day.

Like this, you have successfully completed Bhastrika Pranayam.


Yoga helps you in attaining self-illumination while meditation helps in achieving serenity. With help of serene soul and mind, it is much easy to attain the goals and targets we dreamt of.

Cures respiratory and throw out toxins: This pranayam not only helps your body to throw out the toxins because of pollutants around but also cures illness of respiratory track. The fore inhaling and exhaling of breathes assures free flow of oxygen and blood to complete body.

Blood and oxygen marathon: Reach of blood and oxygen freely and steadily to every part of body is vital. The intoxicant so consumed, directly or indirectly to a lot extent block the respiratory track. With the help of this easy and time economic pranayam one can easily feel the effects.

Positive thoughts: A healthy mind resides in a healthy body and healthy thoughts in healthy mind. Confusing is it? The Bhastrika pranayam keeps negative thoughts away and adores you with a joyous life. Make every moment full of life.

Prevents cold: as with help of this pranayam, immune system gets enhanced and the body warmth increases. So that prevents body from common cold.

Naturally glowing ageless skin: Performing pranayama in the early morning hours helps to obtain naturally glowing skin. It purifies blood and gives naturally glowing ageless skin.

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