5 magical Kundalini Yoga’s postures that will bring you health and ultimate relaxation

There are thousands of sports that can help you keep fit or lose weight but only several of them could carry for both your body and soul. One of those magical arts is the kundalini yoga which makes you feel healthy and satisfied in your skin by combining different meditative, physical, mantra, and breathing techniques. You may think that this kind of ‘sport’ is boring and take time. Actually, it’s a wonderful way to relax perfectly after a tiring business day.


Let’s enter the exotic world of kundalini yoga…  

The history of Kundalini Yoga begins before 50 000 years in India and Tibet where the rishis have developed a complex system of magical movements which brings your body and soul in entirely new dimension. Kundalini yoga was known as ‘laya’ yoga where ‘laya’ means dissolution. It’s also interesting that ‘kundalini’ means ‘circular’. That’s why the poses in kundalini yoga are often connected with the specific movements of the snake.

The goal of kundalini yoga is to awaken the energy of consciousness, to take the body out of the box and to develop people’s intuitive mind. Thanks to the regularly practicing of this incredible spiritual science you will activate your Chakras or the energy centers. On the other hand, this is a proven method for losing weight thanks to the big number of aerobic kryias and meditation techniquest that will improve your metabolism. By making daily exercises you should pick up the Asanas (different Kundalini yoga postures) till you reach the amazing perfection. Suddenly you will feel how your soul sets free of your body’s prison – and this is the aim of Kundalini yoga.

Although Kundalini Yoga is a complicated art, you could practice it at home. Bellow you’ll find some useful postures thanks to which you will experience the beautiful world of this art. First of all, we’ll direct your attention to the most fundamental meditation poses.

  1. Sukasana

Also known as the ‘easy pose’, Sukasana is from the poses you will be firstly getting introduced with. To sit in this posture in the right way, you should cross your legs comfortably at the ankles. Now press the lower spine forward to keep the back straight. Staying in this position will help you relax your body and get it ready for the more complicated exercises.

kundalini yoga chakra hwj

  1. Vajrasana (the ‘rock pose’)

To take this pose you should flex your knees sitting on your heels. It’s famous as the rock pose, because it reflects on the digestive system and creates the feeling that you could digest rocks from it.

rock posture

  1. Siddhasana (‘perfect pose’)

The aim of this Asana is to contribute physical power. To make it correctly, put the right heel pressing against the perineum. The sole should point against the left thigh. Have in mind that the left heel must be next to the right and press the body above the genitals. Knees should be on the ground while both legs should stay crossed.

hero yoga

  1. Padmasana (the ’Lotus’ posture)

This is one of the most popular postures not only in the Kundalini Yoga but in the rest types of yoga, too. It plays the role of a door to a deep meditation and absolute tearing off the surrounding world. To draw the ‘Lotus’ posture with your body lift your left foot onto upper right thigh. Now put the right one on the left thigh as close to the body as possible. The right leg should ‘look’ always to the top.

lotus posture

  1. Celibate (the ‘hero pose’) 

            Kneel and sit between the feet. The soles must direct the air. Put your hands on the knees and try to relax as much as possible.


Combining these easy-to-make Kundalini Yoga postures with the great music for meditation will ensure you a wonderful spent spare time in the cozy of your home. By every-day practicing you’ll bring your body and soul the feeling for freedom which will help you thrust forward a huge amount of positive energies around you.




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