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5 Foods That Keeps You Warm in Winters

Foods That Keeps You Warm in Winters

The chill in the winters gets all of us run for our cozy homes, in the comfort of our indoors, wrapped in our wooly cloths and puffy blankets. We like to bury ourselves in comfort on the couch in front of the television or computer, for a lazy afternoon show. It feels so certain that everybody is seeking to hide from the weather and you are so lucky to have that premade popcorn and French fries you just made.

But after a marathon of crime series or romantic movies, ‘whichever is your favorite glue’ to keep you stuck with your couch. You don’t even feel like going to the toilet and leave your ‘hibernation zone’ and fight the weather inside your house. You switch the channel and find many events happening around the globe and wonder are these people nuts!

But by the next afternoon, you want to feel the fresh air and the winter sun. The Winter Olympics is on and your energy levels are so low that it discourages you form stepping out.

We all have been there, at times it’s the flu and other times some new excuse that we find to hide our self’s from the weather. And of course it is uncomfortable out there. But should you be indoors as your only option and reduce your life to a minimum.

We tend to eat more in the winters. Our body needs to produce more heat energy in order to keep us warm. This makes it easy for us to pile on unwanted weight; which we all notice by the end of the season. If you keep on eating calorie-dense junk and keep yourself cocooned, it is not very much of a surprise.

The key is to eat more nutrients-rich warming foods instead of just unhealthy junk-food.

The winter also come with the danger of catching cold and flu, and keeping your diet rich in mineral, vitamins, and anti-oxidants, helps to strengthen the immune system as well.

“Break-out “from your home and try these 5 foods to include in your diet. This will keep you fit and energetic throughout the winters. We recommend you try these foods and keep an active life style.


Both ginger and garlic are excellent foods for the winter season. Long used in the traditional Chinese medicine for various ailments and for gastrointestinal problems to ginger and garlic naturally  increase the body temperature. A natural immunity booster ginger and garlic increases the body heat by improving the blood circulation in our body.



Mint is a great source to get vitamin C. When taken along with orange juice it helps to ward of germs in your stomach. Providing you with iron and phytochemicalsa mint with any juice combined will cleanse the system. To get the benefit mix mint with several kinds of dishes or if you like a chilled juice then go for it!


Beans are a rich source of protein which help to repair and rebuild the body. Beans is rich with fibers that provide you with energy and that to with no cholesterol. A diet rich in veggies like beans reduces your risk of getting cancer.


Brown Rice goes a long way in giving you nutrition and providing you with warmth and energy in the winters. A good source for getting carbohydrates, brown rice is rich source of iron as well which boosts your blood in volume and quality.


Chicken  is a favorite source of protein for many. A warm bowl of  chicken soup or stew are both tasty and nutritious for the body.


Grab a fist full of nuts to snack this winter evening. Nuts fills you up for the evening and also keeps you from eating junk food. Full with healthy carbohydrates, nut are a great source of minerals and fats. Nuts are the favorite and very warming food out there. Almonds, cashews, walnuts are great in combined quantities.

Have some of these favorite winter foods to keep you from getting cold in winters.

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