5 Essential Things You Must Know About Cloudy Urine


Urine is not just about passing water 6 to 8 times a day, but there is much more to it. Your urine unravels a lot about your health. The color of your pee plays an imperative role in determining how hydrated you are. Dark hues of amber and yellow color signify that you’re dehydrated. Urine color ranges from straw-yellow (clear) color to complete gold depending on the person to person. Sometimes, it can also have unusual colors such as blue-green, yellow-orange, orange-brown or pink-red.    

What is Cloudy Urine:

cloudy urine

When your pee doesn’t have trait of clear appearance, it is often referred to as the cloudy urine. Also known as the foamy urine, this urine infection often comes with blood, crystals, bacteria, pus, mucus, free fat globules, white blood cells or epithelial cells. The reason which can be attributed to the foamy urine is dehydration. However, there is not much to worry about, but cloudy urine has been found to suggest the presence of phosphates, which can be a precursor to kidney stones.

Causes of Cloudy Urine:

causes of cloudy urine

The reason why your urine is cloudy or turbid because there are many insoluble substances present in the urine. These substances accumulate at the bottom of urine which makes it look milky, cloudy or thick.

Following are some harmless causes behind cloudy urine:

  • Eating too much or performing excessive exercise may lead to unclear urine, thanks to the overactive metabolism.
  • Drinking milk in abundance is another harmless cause which can contribute to the cloudy urine in some people.
  • As aforementioned, insufficient intake of water counts as a major cause. More often than not, it happens in night when you’re fast asleep, resulting in cloudy urine in the morning.
  • Strenuous exercises, prolonged standing, cooling of urine or the cold weather conspicuously makes for innocuous cloudy urine cause, owing to the precipitation of salts.
  • In men, cloudy urine can be there because of urine mixed with semen when retrograde ejaculation whereas in women, it can be caused due to vaginal discharge amalgamated with pee.

Symptoms of Cloudy Urine:

smelly urine

  • Appearance – Blue-green urine may be the result of chemotherapy drugs or laxatives. Yellow-orange urine can indicate that you’ve consumed plenty of vitamin C, beets, carrots, or other foods from the orange family. Orange-brown may convey you have bile in your urine or there is some problem with your liver. Pink-red urine can signify that you’ve eaten red-tinted food or it is a sign of blood in your urine.
  • Odor – The stench of the urine comes from esters and volatile acids. The bacteria which cause urinary tract infections (UTIs) produce a foul odor. Sweet-smelling urine may be an indicator of diabetes or liver disease. Certain metabolic disorders may cause musty-smelling urine as well.

Treatment of Cloudy Urine:


Treatment for cloudy urine varies because of its discrete possible causes. If you suffer from this predicament of cloudy urine, then you should seek medical attention as soon as possible.

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