5 bodybuilding exercises you can do at home

Body Building

It is not that everyone enjoys to perform bodybuilding exercise at a gym or club. Moreover, such exercises are usually tiring and mostly done with the weights. However, there might be some people who live in an area where the facility of gym is not available. Thankfully, there are numerous other options to pave your way towards fitness. The one ranking at the top of this list is to perform bodybuilding exercises at home.

Your home can serve the purpose of personal bodybuilding club.  Following are a few of the best bodybuilding exercises you can perform at home;


Push Ups

You can start with lighter ones. To name a few here simply go for push-up, few dips or sit-up and even crunches. These all can help you build the abdominal muscles.


running exercise

The key to success is keep yourself moving! Spend 15-20 minutes in sprints to get the complete effects of the body fat reduction. Short distant running on a flat ground can also give good results; especially when performed before breakfast. This fact is supported by numerous research studies.



One other idea is to use a bicycle. Cycling is a good option for starters.  Simply, stand-out your bicycle and try it out. If performed for around 25 to 30 minutes, this exercise can give great and consistent results. This exercise is comparatively less tiresome.


dumbbell exercise

Consider using dumbbells for biceps or triceps and an incline or flat bench press for chest area.

These were just a few examples of so many other bodybuilding exercises you can do while at home and enjoy the results.

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