4 Great indoor cycling workout exercises

There is nothing more pleasant than cycling through wonderful landscapes during the early spring. But before taking out the bike all of us should get prepared for the amazing physical pressure and heavy working out if he/she wants to avoid undesired injuries. You should come into the world of cycling bit by bit to fit with this sport as with any other. With the flowing 4 great exercises the indoor cycling gives a large helping hand here.

45 minutes cardio: Entering the fitness gym, your eyes stop on the indoor cycle tool, right? Then you can easily start your training with a 45 minutes cardio on average level of endurance. This will prepare your body for more difficult exercises and give strength to the upper part of your legs.


Cycling with weights (for the upper body): This exercise trains both the down and upper parts of your body at the same time. Take two dumb-bells (3 to 5 kg each) and hold them in front of your face one opposite the other for 10 minutes continuing to keep your pedal speed at average pace. Now try to raise the dumb-bells pointing the ceiling and do this 15 times per 1 series.


Train your triceps: After finishing exercise two take 2 minutes rest and then go cycling for 5 minutes at average speed. Take the weights and extend your hands overhead, while palms are facing. Now start lowering the heights behind hand and extend arms overhead. Lower the dumb-bells to the weight of your chest. Do all this once again.


Tabata intervals: While the previous exercises were a little bit warming up, this one is definitely difficult and requires a mass of power and constancy. Named on the Japanese psychologist Izumi Tabata, it begins with 5-minutes easy cycling on the lowest level of pressure. After that you should increase the gear ratio for 20 seconds, followed by 10-sec of rest. Now you should repeat this 20 time and don’t forget to rest between each of them! Although this exercise looks easy, after it’s completed you’ll convince yourself that you have started to breathe harder and you feel tired as never before. This should be the result if you’ve done it correctly.

 There are thousands of great indoor cycling exercises which can gift you with an amazing fit during the long winter days. Those we’ve just mentioned are intended to vary your day and facilitate your way to the perfect body. Enjoy!


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Rob Wart