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4 Easy Home Remedies to Remove Dark Circles

Dark circle is that annoying discoloration of skin under your eye which has the caliber to make your beautiful eyes appear dull. Also known as dark shadows or rings, there are many causes which can be attributed to their formation such as aging, elongated crying, mental or physical stress, inadequate sleep, hereditary, dry skin or unhealthy diet.

However, it is quite easy to hide them behind the make-up and concealers but it’s certainly not a sure-shot way to get purge of dark circles. And who has got all the time in the world to put on make-up each and every time you step out!

So, following are some wonderful home remedies to make you shun the question how to remove dark circles. Read on!

#1 – Almond Oil  


Enriched with Vitamin E, almond oil makes for the best home remedy to eradicate dark circles. Combine it with coconut oil and there won’t be any dark circles to haunt you anymore. Almond oil replenishes the delicate skin while coconut oil is great to make dark circles fade away.

Mix both the oils and gently massage the area under your eyes before retiring to bed. Leave it on overnight and wash off with cold water the next morning. Repeat the procedure every day to ensure that they get vanish.

#2 – Raw Potato

Raw Potatoes

Potatoes comprise the vital bleaching agents naturally. Use them raw to lighten the darkness and lessen the puffiness around your eyes.

Take two chilled potatoes. Grate them and extract the juice. Soak a cotton ball in the juice and place it over your closed eyes. Make sure that the juice entirely covers your dark rings. Allow the juice to sit there for around 15 minutes. Afterwards, rinse it off with cold water. Repeat the remedy twice or thrice in a day for few weeks.

#3 – Rose Water


Owing to its soothing properties, rose water is a panacea for your eyes. It does not only rejuvenate your skin but also alleviates dark circles.

Dip cotton pads in pure rose water for few minutes. Place them on your closed eyelids and allow them sit there for at least fifteen minutes. Follow this remedy two times a day for two to three weeks to garner best results.

#4 – Cucumber


It is quite a common sight to see women relaxing with cucumber slices on their eyes in spas and other relaxing centers. That’s for a reason! Cucumber possesses mild-astringent and skin lightening properties. Cucumbers have extremely refreshing and calming effects.

Cut a fresh cucumber into thick slices. Afterwards, chill them in refrigerator for half an hour. Place the slices on your eyes covering dark circles completely for almost ten minutes. Then, wash off with water. Do it regularly to see them dissipate.

Head towards your kitchen now!


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