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3 Important Reasons Why a Fitness Model Workout Plan is Not Ideal

Thinking of getting into a fitness model workout? These fitness models look really amazing and they can really catch our attention and make us want the kind of bodies that they have. And because of this “desire”, we want to workout the way they do and that is why there are fitness model workout plans and fitness model workout routines that we can do.

However, there is also a downside when it comes to this kind of workout that we should all know about:


It Utilizes Straight Sets

This means that it will leave you exhausted. When we sat straight sets, it means that you should complete an exercise with only 1-2 minutes rest and then you have to do it again to finish it. Sure, this can be a great way to boost your strength but it is not effective when it is done every workout.


It Concentrates on Only one Muscle Group Every Workout

Usually, a fitness model workout divides the workout in order to one muscle group to be worked every day. For a fitness model, this would make a lot of sense but if you’re not a fitness model, then this is not something that you need.


Different Kind of Cardio

A fitness model workout plan usually involves cardio exercise for 1-2 hours. Fitness models do this in the morning even with no intake of food yet just to ensure that they will look great in a photo shoot. This really works, no doubt but you really don’t have to do cardio for 1-2 hours. However, 1-2 hour’s worth of cardio exercise is not bad, but it is certainly not ideal.

These are some of the simple reasons why a fitness model workout plan may not be something that you should consider, well, unless of course you’re a fitness model yourself. It is still best that you have a workout plan customized for you.

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