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10 Things You Need to Know About Fat Sick and Nearly Dead Diet

Fat Sick and Nearly Dead Diet

What is Fat Sick and Nearly Dead Diet?

Fat sick and nearly dead is a plant based diet which helps in getting rid of all the additives, bad preservatives and junk food found in most of the food. The diet does not have any definite period and it is a combination of both chewing and juicing.  

Does the Fat Sick and Nearly Dead Diet Work?

Yes, the diet can work but you’ve to make it work. It’s always been much hyped and talked about. The diet has received its fair share of publicity and notoriety. Several people are there who have attained good and desired results from the diet. Many people have assented to this diet that it indeed works, if you find the right juicer.

Fat Sick and Nearly Dead Diet

Ten Things You Need to Know About the Diet:

Following are the ten things you must be acquainted with pertaining to fat sick and nearly dead diet program before initiating it:

#1 – The Diet is Plant based – Beware all the non-vegetarians out there as the diet is wholly about fruits and vegetables and you have to get really comfortable eating them.

#2 – The Diet is Utterly Juicing – When you get to the peak of your diet, the only thing you’re doing is juicing. Juicing cannot affect your energy if you aren’t careful.

#3 – The Diet is Chewing and Juicing for those of you who can’t withdraw suddenly – Because of the energy issue, the diet lets people cycle in and out of total juicing. It seems the less you chew, the better you feel.  

#4 – The Diet can last from one meal up to 15 days – The diet is very flexible depending on how involved you want to be. This means you can use it, reset your complete system or just refresh every now and then.

#5 – The Diet can be continued long after 15 days – The diet can be continued even up to 60 days and it has yielded great results. The one who had continued it for much longer than most people said that it worked for him and made him feel better.

#6 – The Diet can be tough in the initial days – Even if you’re juicing and chewing together, the first few days are hard. Initial days, apparently, is the time when people are most likely to quit. Your body is abstaining from toxic substances and that‘s not fun for sure.

#7 – The Blender has to be really good – A good blender will make your life way easier. Buy a low-priced blender and you will comprehend the difference.

#8 – The Diet has been proven effective – There are almost two dozen case studies of people who have used this plan and it showed really good effects on them.

#9 – The goal is to reset but it can become a lifestyle – Once you start, you may not want to stop this diet for it makes you feel good in an addictive manner and who doesn’t like to feel good.

#10 – The Diet does make the difference – You can do the exercise but it is the diet that would make all the difference.

Fat Sick and Nearly Dead Diet

However, as always you should consult a physician before beginning any new diet. The article is a compilation of prevailing information and should not be taken as a medical advice. You also need to remember that the diet may work for you and not for the others or vice-versa.    

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