• Meditation

    Get to Know about Meditation

    We often hear about the term meditation and many of us have even tried it too. Most of the time it is just thought of as an attractive part of Eastern spiritual exercise, however it is not merely a supreme endeavour. The term meditation often summons image of an Indian sage in or vision of…

  • Food for Health

    Health Benefits of Yacon Plant

    An obese individual have been demanding for healthier and calorie-reduced food from long. Though there are plenty of such products, some of them are reported to cause side effects to your body. Over the years, Yacon plant has been used for medicinal purposes. It is a perennial plant found in tropical areas. It is basically…

  • Swift workout for busy bees

    Swift workout for busy bees

    One may easily get the most out of a simple workout as illustrated in this content. It takes a few minute to follow this swift high intensity interval session and stay fit. Do multiple reps of each of them in 30 seconds and then take a break of max. 10 seconds. After that, immediately move…

  • Stay fit this season- awesome workouts for winter

    Stay fit this season- awesome workouts for winter

    The summertime is over and the longs walks are not pleasant anymore. Hence, how is it possible to continue the physical activities regularly to keep yourself healthy? Look at the following collection of some great ideas to keep you moving regardless of the season. –       Walk in style Various malls have introduced extended hours to…

  • Natural Skin Protectants for Winter Blues
    Food for Health

    Natural Skin Protectants for Winter Blues

    In immune system, skin is the first line of defense. The surface area of an average adult’s skin is around 21sq.ft weighs 9lbs and contain >11 miles of blood vessels. Therefore, it is worthy to take extra care of your skin; both externally via topical applicants and internally through dietary changes. Clinicians recommend that one should…

  • Exercises

    Find the workout that best matches your blood type

    No one can deny the importance of tailoring workout to best match the fitness level. The blood type workout is a novel fitness program that assures quick and stable outcome; especially when combined with a diet best recommended as per blood type. This triad shares a strong relation to compliment a good health. Find here,…

  • Dietary modification to Fight Arthritis
    Food for Health

    Dietary modification to Fight Arthritis

    Arthritis is a disease characterized by inflammation and cause damage to cartilages, joints, and bones resulting in pain, stiffness, swelling, and dysfunction. Developing research studies suggest that dietary modification may help relieve the pain associated with arthritis. As a whole, you ought to aim for a diet plan including fresh fruits, white meat, vegetables, nuts, legumes,…