• healthy-body-mind

    Healthy Mind Resides in a Healthy Body

    They say inside a healthy body resides a healthy mind. Therefore, it becomes of utmost significance to strike a balance between our body and mind. Being physically as well as mentally fit paves way to a healthy lifestyle leading to a happy life. However, owing to the arduous and monotonous daily routines these days, it…

  • diabetes

    Down with Dreary Diabetes? Dispose off!

    Think twice before gorging on that scrumptious looking chocolate truffle pastry topped with choco chips for it might soothe your senses but will be disastrous for your already up surged sugar levels. Diabetes is ranked as the most common lifestyle disease from which people are found to be affected across the nation. Referred by doctors…

  • Hair Problems

    Say goodbye to all your hair problems!

    Women are epitome of beauty. Their enticing and mesmerizing hair has been the center of attraction in umpteen verses and rhymes written since eternity. Embellishing long and aesthetic strands has always held the first and foremost place in the beauty regime of the fairer sex. “Hair, indubitably, is a reflection of a woman’s identity whether…

  • Neck Pain

    Neck is to ooze beauty, not to bear pain.

    Tumultuous lifestyles have taken a toll on the human bodies these days giving birth to discrete array of problems, being neck pain one of them. No matter how slender your neck looks, it is one of the complex structures of your body comprising skin, esophagus, neck muscles, lymph nodes, arteries, veins, larynx, thyroid gland, parathyroid…

  • Weight Loss

    Lose Weight, Be Healthy !

    Took out that old blue jeans to wear in sheer ecstasy but were compelled to stuff it back in the cupboard, have to think twice before gorging on that scrumptious looking chocolate truffle pastry topped with choco chips, commuting in public modes of transportation which have standard seat size gives you chills, always pray for…

  • Menstruation

    No More Shush! Menstruation Problems? Talk it Out.

    How many times have you made up the excuse of being unwell reluctant to explain the exact ailment when further interrogated about it and ended up lying only when pushed further, be it when you badly need the leave at office for the same, when planning an adventure trip with your guy friends, when asked…

  • Skin

    Gloomy Dry Skin? Get Back the Glow !

    Normal, oily, dry, combination or sensitive skin; no matter which skin type you possess there always are chances of succumbing to skin hassles. From pesky pimples to stubborn suntan and scalded burns to indelible injury marks, skin woes are not something which is uncommon phenomena these days. Skin is that organ of our body which…